The Lazy Babe's Guide to Sunday Naps

Naps. Ok, sure it sounds like a piece 'o' pie...but really there is quite a bit involved in nap time; more than your average Jane would typically think. As the expert babes in Sunday (or any day) nap-time, we've put together our top tips to getting the most out of your siesta. 

Babe Tip #1:

Pick your battles.

The difference between a solid nap and a half-assed one could be as simple as choosing to wait half an hour until bae or your roommate leave the house to head to brunch or the gym or wherever it is that productive babes head off to during the day. A peaceful nap will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for your second nap of the day in a few hours, but we'll get to that. 

Babe Tip #2:

Make it a Sun-day nap. 

If you have that little space on your couch which gets a slither of sunshine hitting you through the curtains, cosy up and enjoy such prime-time nap-time. There's nothing like a nice, warm, cosy nap to brighten up (pun intended) your babe day. 

Babe Tip #3:

Add a cheeky bev to your nap-time routine.

Nothing says a quality nap like a pre-nap whisky. We feel this ones pretty clear, but if you have questions, we'll be at the bar (i.e the kitchen) pouring our pre-nap whisky on ice. 

Babe Tip #4:

Have a pre-nap. 

Nope, not a pre-nup - we aren't crazy enough to agree to one of those - but a pre-nap can be a great lead in to an actual nap. Basically, a pre-nap equals even more nap time, sans the judgement of what other ''normal'' people deem sleeping all day. 

Babe Tip #5:

The babes who nap together, stay together. 

Call your babe, snuggle your babe then wake up and cheers to a solid, babe'n days work with a glass of your favourite bev. 


Now, we're off to have a nap. 

Love, the babe life x