Who we are:

One stop shop lifestyle brand for all the essentials of a modern lazy babe.


What we do:

Test the latest products so you don't have to. We only select the best of the best (and anything that means we can be lazy AF).


How, you ask?

Well, between lazing around and drinking wine, you'd think we wouldn't be able to do it. But being lazy means we only do things that add value to our brand and products. We focus on quality output, not quantity, meaning you can be sure we'll only offer products that do what we say they will.



You only live once, babe! Here at The Babe Life x we endeavour to bring you the best products that save you the most amount of time, money and effort so you can get busy being the babe you already are. This way, YOU can spend your time doing important things - like sipping sangria in the sun!


Why the babe life x?

We're just two babe besties that love spending time with each other so much that we decided to build a brand around it. Our days consist of working smarter not harder (read: lazier), holding our suppliers to high standards and knocking off for Friday drinks on Thursday morning.

Wanna chat? We thought you'd never ask!! Head over to our Contact Us page for all enquiries...we'll be at the pub until you need us. 

About the Founders:

Meeting at a video store about thirteen years ago now, we instantly liked each other. We had similar humour, similar interests and plenty of good times together. 

Over the years, we became excellent friends as we studied, travelled, worked at another business together and fell in extra bestie love.

During Melbourne's isolation, living within 5kms of each other, we would walk and drink "coffee" and talk about all the things that we were struggling with. And well, one of the things we couldn't stop complaining about was how all the latest women's products looked great but they were expensive to buy and never in one place!

After one extra coffee'd kinda arvo, the idea of a "hot bitch box" was born, and babe life the very next day. 

We technically started it as a bit of a joke for fun and something to do in the lockdown, until we got a random order from NZ and then a few other random orders after that. Eventually it became so popular that we realised how needed our solution was! 

So, here we are, being our absolute selves with no apologies given. Jump on board babe, and join the life with us. 

Amy & Tayla xxx