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Slumber Party Silk Pillowcase

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What we liked:

- 100% Silk upside with >600 threadcount

- Reduced hair breakage = smoother hair!

- No more flipping your pillow to the cool side every five seconds - the silk acts as a heat regulator

- We found it stopped our curls and waves from going frizzy overnight, keeping them bouncy and babe'n! We recommend pairing with the Beach Babe Ceramic Waver for a cute gift or some self love!

- Smooth silk finish may prevent and reduce wrinkles

- Contrasting underside in soft, natural white adds a little spice to your bedspread set up while stopping it slipping around town onto your floor...(read: a cheeky bit of grip to stop it moving!)

- 6 colours to suit every babe

- Feels soooooo nice on your face after a long Sunday Sesh, babe. Give it a go!

The boring (but somewhat essential) stuff:

Size: 480mm x 740mm
Material: 100% Silk Upside
Thread Count: ≥600s
Type: Pillowcase