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Weekday Babe Wine Glass 880ml

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Every babe knows that size matters😉. Every Monday we all wake up and start working (unless you're really lazy like us) and we dunno about you babes but we pour a cheeky beverage to get us through the day - a respectable size obviously...just one glass...

ENTER - the Weekday Babe 880ml Wine Glass. 


- Its our weekday appropriate Bevvy glass giving you the right about of wine to get through the hardest part of the week.  

- Still fits one bottle of wine - read: no judgement from judgy judy's as technically you've only had one glass 🤷‍♀️

- Great for gifting your babe, mama bear, that chick from work that looks like she could use a bev (we're looking at you Karen from accounts) or your cheeky self on the sly 😉

- Cute shape that looks good on your bar, in your cupboard or on your side-table for a cheeky beverage while you scroll your feed in bed. 


- Grab glass off wine glass shelf

- Open bottle of your fave drop (we love an Aldi Small Talk just quietly)

- Pour at leisure

- Sip that wine goodness and kick your feet up!


Capacity: 880ml

Materials: Made from hand-blown lead free crystal glass.

Care instructions: All our glassses are hand-decaled in Melbourne, Australia with love. To care for your brand new, hand-decorated glass, use a warm handwash...and no dishwasher!

Trust us, the care is minimal time out of your day and the longevity of your glass will be worth it. Accidentally chucked it in the dishwasher? Give us a yell and we'll see what we can do to help, babe!