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Lazy Babe IPL Hair Removal Handset

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- Three colours to choose from? Um, yes please. We'd take all three but that would be wasteful...and a lot of effort. 

- Travel sized - perfect for maintenance on trips with your babes! 

- Looks cute, cause why not?

- Lets be real, we didn't use it on our entire bodies...cause sometimes we don't bother shaving our legs. But, we used it where it counts and got results, if you know what we mean 😜🙋‍♀️😉

- Easy enough to fit in with our lazy, pro-drink, pro-babe time lifestyles. Its a win from us. 

- Cheaper than getting it done at a salon = more money for coffee, wine and pizza. 


- Using 2-3 times per week for the first few weeks - you'll start to see results which will keep you motivated to finish the job!

- After that once per week minimum

- Get a nice close shave and if you get any bits that aren't quite moving as quickly as you'd like (it happens due to all the...ahem...angles) then shave closely, IPL same day and then IPL again the next day within 24 hours as well to catch the hairs growing at different cycles.

- It takes two seconds - super easy and gets the job done. Just give it a crack babe....pun intented 😏

- Convincing bae to let you use it on those pesky neck hairs that get in your face while you're sleeping


The boring (yet somewhat essential) stuff:

Power Type: Electric
Material: ABS
Model Number: IPL-1-2
Item Type: Epilator
Use: Bikini
Use: Body
Use: Face
Use: Underarm
Lamp tube: Xenon quartz tube
Light source: Intense Pulsed Light
Energy Frequency: 1.9-4.5J/cm2
Energy Level: 5 levels adjustments
Two treatment modes: Manual Flash /Automatic Flash
Focus size: 33*10mm2
Wavelength: 470nm~1100nm
Use the time: 300000 times
Weight: 200g
Size: 124*83*48.5mm
Adapter: AC100~240V~50/60Hz
Commodity Quality Certification: FCC CE ROHS
Gender: Unisex