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A.M Babe Coffee Glass

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We know how hard it is to get out of bed on Monday (or any) mornings when its sooooo tempting to hit snooze & roll back over. Now, while we generally only get out of bed with the promise of a coffee (or three) while we work, we're also tempted with our A.M Babe Coffee Glasses which can be personalised to your taste. 


- Cute, double walled glass which we know for a fact doesn't break easily (as we dropped our ones when we'd had a few too many cheeky bevs and not a scratch could be seen).

- Perfect for during-the-week-caffeinated-juice as you pretend to work or weekend coffaaayyyyy in bed with your babe reminiscing a rather big night out. 

- Great for gifting your babe, mama bear, your boss who needs coffee before you hit her up for a payrise or tell her about that task you eff'd up 👀 or just as a gift to yourself cause, like, we won't judge 🤷‍♀️

- When in doubt, go Irish with a cheeky shot of whisky into your morning brew

- Doubles as a cheeky wine glass, just remember people can see through the glass 😉


- Grab coffee glass off shelf

- Pour your coffee any way you have it (hot or cold!)

- Comfortably pick up the glass without it being too hot for your hands!

- Sip while looking cute AF

Top babe tip: Pair with our Cosy Babe Faux Slides for the ultimate morning ritual


Capacity: 250ml

Material: Heat resistant glass

Care instructions: All our glassses are hand-decaled in Melbourne, Australia with love. To care for your brand new, hand-decorated glass, use a warm handwash...and no dishwasher! Trust us, the care is minimal time out of your day and the longevity of your glass will be worth it.

Accidentally chucked in in the dishwasher? Give us a yell and we'll see what we can do to help, babe!