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**NEW RELEASE** Deluxe Christmas Morning Babe Box

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Babe, you might've already heard, but if you didn't already know...the TBLx babes LOVE Christmas!!! In our Christmas Babe Boxes, not only will you get our standard babe gifting made lazy, but you'll also get everything that every babe needs for their Christmas morning to go off without a hitch.

We dunno about you, but we can't even get out of bed without a coffee on a regular day, but on Christmas we definitely can't roll out of bed without the promise of coffee, even if we're excited for the day ahead. So, in this box, you'll get the absolute Christmas morning essentials, such as:

In the Deluxe Christmas Morning Babe Box, you'll get:

- 1x A.M Babe Coffee Glass

- 1x Reindeer Babe USB Diffuser

- 1x Bold Lash Babe Mascara

- 1x Cosy Babe Faux Slides

- 2x Zip Babe Hider Scrunchie

Click the links for individual product descriptions. And even better? It will all be wrapped up in nice Christmas packaging!!!


- Even less effort than before, and we already made it super lazy to begin with! 

- Gifts made so easy - without breaking the bank

- So much value in one box, and enough variety that you don't need to shop around and spend a bunch to get it all from different places! We call that a win-win-win! 😜


Our top babe tip? When you finish your coffee, the glass pairs nicely with a follow up wine poured right on in...hey, its Christmas 😜😉


- All product colour combinations (excluding slides) will be selected at random. For any specific requests please note in the "Order Notes" box and we'll try our best to accommodate.