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Slumber Party Babe Bag

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Slumber Party Silk Pillowcase Colour

 Need a gift sorted less the price tag & the effort? (But not less the awesome result?!)

Sounds like you need a babe bag. Our Slumber Party Babe Bag has everything you or the babe your gifting (or both) need to wake up feeling cosy & refreshed! 

The value is real and the choice is off on a drunken No more feeling like you can't have it all! 


In the Slumber Party Babe Bag, you'll get:

- 2x Slumber Party Silk Pillowcase

- 1x Cosy Babe Faux Slides

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What we love?

- Great hair when you wake up in the morning, and even COSIER feet as you sip your morning cup of sunshine. 

- Even less effort than before, and we already made it super lazy to begin with! 

- Gifts made soooooooo easy - without breaking the bank

- Multiple options to pick from to suit any babe need - whether its your babe from work for KK, your best babe or that babe cousin you don't really like - we've got something for everyone to look and feel like a babe - with as little effort as possible!

- All product colour combinations will be selected at random. For any specific requests please note in the "Order Notes" box and we'll try our best to accommodate.