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Blue-Light Babe Glasses

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Like pretty much every babe, we spend a lot of time on our phones and laptops. Now, while you could technically give up coffee to sleep a bit better & get less headaches, we'd much rather keep the coffee and wear some cute Blue Light Babe Shades as a cheeky shortcut instead 😉


- Same, cute AF shape as our Glamour Babe Shades.

- Blue light protection that reduces eye strain --> When product testing we noticed less headaches with longer screen time & better sleep when we wore them with technology use at night!!

- Get that sexy librarian look you've been waiting for an excuse to try out! 

- Great value --> won't cost you a fortune to try out the blue light blocker trend!

- The latest hexagon shape... ✅✅✅

- If you wanna look even cuter (we know, we didn't believe it could get cuter than this either, but it can) - check out our Shade Babe Chains here.


Whether you're at the office or WFH, get into your comfiest or cutest outfit and slide your blue-lights on. Enough said.