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Zip Babe Hider Scrunchie Bundle Box (5 pack)

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Babe, do you ever lose stuff? Like keys, lipgloss etc? Well, join the club. But don't worry, we've found a solution. Our BRAND NEW scrunchies hide your most prized possessions...ok we don't recommend putting anything TOO valuable in here, but you get the idea, babe. 

What we loved:

- Super stretchy and comfy materials - varying between velvet-esque and cotton-ish it feels a treat whether you're wearing it in your hair or on your wrist.

- If you DO like to wear it on your wrist the colours are sooooooo cute and just add to their charm as an all-rounder accessory.

- Perfect to pop your gloss or key in when you cbf carrying a bag!

- If you like to walk or jog - you now have a no fuss - super comfortable way to hide your key!

- Pairs well with your Lazy Babe High Pony Cap & the strongest coffee you can find while you're out with your babe.

- Buy one for your babe, too and share like we do! 👯‍♀️✌