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**BACK IN STOCK** Reindeer Babe USB Diffuser

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- Fluffy, faux & comfy AF - literally the cosiest slides that we found....And we tested five different versions to choose these!

- The side of the sole matches the rest of the slide - no awkward multi-toning.

- We'll be honest, we love them so much that we've been wearing them everywhere, not just as slippers at home. (But we'll admit to doing that too!)

- The sole is hardy enough that they don't get slippery and can be worn outside! Woohoo!

- Like, we wouldn't say they are great in wet weather, but they definitely look cute when its cold and you're at a bar....Nope, we're not joking. 

- Not as hot as ughhhhh boots but not as cold as thongs. What's not to love?

- But if your feet DO get a bit chilly, we like to pair ours with some cute frilly socks. Its next level good, trust us. 

- Pairs nicely with no bra, your babe and cheap-ass Tuesday night bevs.


Pop them on either barefoot or with your fave cute socks and barb's your aunt! We use ours outside the house - just be mindful that they don't go as well in wet weather as you'd least not if you're gonna jump in, we learnt the hard way! 🤦‍♀️


Babe Tip: We sized up for an extra cosy fit. Refer to our size chart to the next, to the next 👇👇👇and reach out to our team if you have questions!