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Cosy Babe Faux Slides

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The hottest product of the season and one of our best sellers - our faux fur slides will be your new live-in this summer. With six of the cutest colours to choose from, there's something for every babe.


- Fluffy, faux & comfy AF - literally the cosiest slides that we found....And we tested five different versions to choose these!

- The side of the sole matches the rest of the slide - no awkward multi-toning.

- We'll be honest, we love them so much that we've been wearing them everywhere, not just as slippers at home. (But we'll admit to doing that too!)

- The sole is hardy enough that they don't get slippery and can be worn outside! Woohoo!

- Like, we wouldn't say they are great in wet weather, but they definitely look cute when its cold and you're at a bar....Nope, we're not joking. 

- Not as hot as ughhhhh boots but not as cold as thongs. What's not to love?

- But if your feet DO get a bit chilly, we like to pair ours with some cute frilly socks. Its next level good, trust us. 

- Pairs nicely with no bra, your babe and cheap-ass Tuesday night bevs


Pop them on and go! (Its legit that simple). Plus, feel free to wear them out of the house like we do, with a hardy sole these bad boys can go pretty much anywhere (except puddles, maybe). They aren't a 'slipper...they're a lifestyle.


Babe Tip: We sized up for an extra cosy fit. Refer to our size chart to the next, to the next 👇👇👇and reach out to our team if you have questions! 

Customer Reviews

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I absolutely looooove everything I've purchased from these guys! The slides are THE comfy!! It's the thing I never knew I needed but they have changed my life! The mascara is great...loads of volume! And I've been wearing the sunnies flat out. The pink shades are perfect for an afternoon out! And the bees knees is the high pony-tail cap- it's the best!