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Glamour Babe Shades

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Are you the kind of babe who's always trying to find the right pair of shades that are on trend but also look cute with your outfit?

Look no further - our Glamour Babe Shades are on trend, sexy AF & look good at picnics with your babe, Sunday bevvies in the city or that wedding where you don't really know anyone.


- Versatile shades that you can wear every day AND on special occasions.

- 4x cute colour combos to pick from - there's something for every babe & outfit.

- Can't decide? They purposefully don't cost an arm and a leg, babe - buy two! 

- One pair that does everything.

- Hexagon shaped...the latest trend ✅✅✅

- If you wanna look even cuter (we know, we didn't believe it could get cuter than this either, but it can) - check out our Shade Babe Chains here.


Open 'em up and slide them right on! You can lower them and wink for effect if that's what you're into 😉