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Wine Babe Charm - Base

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Your Base Charm:

If you're anything like probably start drinking wine then slowly forget which one's yours as the night goes on....🙋‍♀️🤷‍♀️

No? Just us? Well, either way, babe, our Wine Babe Charms are the CUTEST things since sliced bread. You'll love picking one (or a few) for yourself, or choosing some your babe from our charming (get it!??!😉) choices. 


What we loved:

- Pick yo' number of charms - we pro'lly recommend no more than 5 on one base but you do you babe...but if you really can't pick (us neither🙋‍♀️) just buy 2

- Buy a bunch and chop and change depending on your mood!

- Choose from our cute selection...we know babe, its soooooo hard to pick

- Add to cart a matching one for your babe 👯‍♀️😉

- Pour yourself a cheeky bev and toast to you, babe, for a great choice!

- You won't get confused by which drink is yours anymore (or if you're like us at least, not as much).

- The cutest wine glass accessory you'll ever see!!!


What's Included:

- 1x Super cute gold-coloured Wine Charm Base 

- 1x Wine Babe Charm of your choice (select below)

- Want more? No probs, babe! Click here, and add to your hearts content