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Beach Babe Ceramic Waver 32mm

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Its FINALLY possible to achieve beach waves all year round - sans sand....😉

With three sizes to choose from, there's something for every babe. Unless you're like us and choose all three!


- Waves that take half the time of a regular single barrel curler.

- Hair curled, tick! Looking fresh, tick! Still made it in time for happy hour in the park with our babes...tick, tick tick!

- We love the 32mm for a sophisticated wave. We wear it to engagement parties, weddings and when you miss your alarm and are gonna be late to your 9am meeting with your boss!


- Brush your dirty, clean or half and half hair

- You can pin up some of the top of you hair if you have time to do it in sections or just do whatever you grab first if you got no time 😉

- Plug in and turn on your Beach Babe Ceramic Waverh in legit one flick of a switch at your chosen temperature

- Give it 20 seconds to do its thang and heat up

- Take a section of hair and clamp the waver either at the top of the hair or in the middle about halfway down (depending on what look your going for, babe!)

- Hold for 3-10 seconds before releasing hair and clamping on the next part of your hair. Repeat until you get to the end of that section.

- Repeat on different sections of your hair until all of your hair is beach babe waved and sexy AF! (If we do say so ourselves)

- Hold for 3 seconds for rough, gentle waves or hold up to 10 seconds for a defined, bold look!

- Leave house with great hair, in a fraction of the time. You can thank us later!

- TBLx team top tip: Play around with how YOU like it and what works on your hair. We love a quick wave on dirty hair that needs a wash. Spray some dry shampoo and you're good to go as though just woke up like this!


Max. temperature: 210 °C
Power: 40W-59W
Min. temperature: Less Than 80 °C