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Cosy Babe Faux-Fur Bedside Rug 60cm x 90cm

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What we liked:

- Super soft & cosy under your toes.

- Non-slip surface without compromise on nice faux-fur feel.

- Lightweight & water resistant - for oops babes like us who spill their vodka 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

- With a multi-use size that's small enough to move around for each day of the week and one colour (because what babe doesn't love the colour "Disco Turkey") its a Justin Biebs No Brainer to us.

- Doubles as a nice backdrop for babe'n selfies!

- Pairs well with your Cosy Babe Slides (in matching Disco Turkey of course) & a glass of chardy with your best babe.


**Note for alternate sizes please contact our babe team at