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Retro Babe Tea & Coffee Warmer

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Its FINALLY possible to achieve beach waves all year round - sans sand....😉

With three sizes to choose from, there's something for every babe. Unless you're like us and choose all three!


What we loved:

- Do your stuff, take your time and STILL have a hot cuppa waiting for ya.

- 4 cute colours to choose from - what's not to love?!?!

- Suitable for babes or boy babes - trust us, they love it as much as we do!

- It warms everything, from tea, to coffee to that cheeky Friday arvo mulled wine you hide from your boss at work. 

- Top babe tip? Get one for work, home and your Boyf so you have all bases covered. 


Plug it into the wall and set it up and your go-to CFH (coffee from home) spot.

Hold the middle button until the light on the LHS circle screen lights up.

Click the middle button multiple times to adjust to your chosen temperature (we dunno about you but we like ours hot🔥but don't burn yourself babe)

Use the RHS button to adjust to your chosen timeframe.

Once all the coffee is gone 😢 hold the middle button once more to turn off.

**CAUTION** The hot plate is, well, hot. Don't touch it while its on to avoid burning yourself!


- 3 temperature options 40, 55 or 70 Degrees.

- 4 timer options - 2hr, 4hr, 6hr & 8hr!!! So no need to worry if you fall into the rabbit-hole that is Youtube.

- Plugs into the wall so no need to charge it. 

**CAUTION** The hot plate is, well, hot. Don't touch it while its on to avoid burning yourself!

**Note: Doesn't work with our double wall coffee glasses. Options coming soon!

Origin: CN(Origin)
Certification: RoHS