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Shade Babe Chain

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Looking for the CUTEST accessory to keep your shades on you at all times? We certainly were - and its not just 'cause we lose our sunnies every five seconds πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈΒ 

Well, whatever the reason you need/want/feel like one, these chains are a super cute addition to your summer.


- EVERYTHING!!!!! 😍😍😍

- Pairs well with bevs, your babe & Sunday at the pub.

- Looks super cute in the sunshine or in the shade when you take them off.

- We finally stopped losing all our sunnies.

- Its almost like jewellery...but for your shades.Β 

- Don't have a cute pair of wear-anywhere-and-everywhere shades? We've got you covered babe. Click here to shop ourΒ Glamour Babe Shades


There are two ways to wear! Either use the little silicone pieces that come with the chain to add them onto your shade legs if you prefer them not to slide. Or, for a chic, decorative look you can clip the opener directly onto the sunnies and they'll sit right at the front to be shown off to the world!

Top babe tip: You can hang them over your neck as they were intended or put them on your head anyway and let the cute chain glimmer through your hair!