Silicone Traveller Cup
Silicone Traveller Cup

Silicone Traveller Cup

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Are you ever out at the park just wishing you had a cheeky glass handy to pour your travel coffee/whisky/wine/tequila into? Yeah, we get that. 

Our Silicone Traveller Cups fold up nice and compact to fit right into your bag - for smooth sipping on the go. 

What we liked:

- Compact & travel sized...just fold it right up and stuff it into your bag. When you grab it back out it will find its form again!

- Soft, subtle branding (so the authorities won't think to blame us for the whisky you're drinking at the park).

- Cute TBLx Shiraz colour!!! 

- A two-fer deal - throw in an extra one and get two for $ savings galore!! USE CODE: TWOFERSILICONECUP AT CHECKOUT

- The perfect gift for babes on the go - regardless of their preferred sip!

- Unbreakable which means you can use them ANYWHERE! The pool, the park, the beach...and never have to feel guilty about accidentally breaking glass. 

- Its a no brainer to us, babe. Grab yours (and one for your best babe) today!

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