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Whisky Babe Glass

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Ever noticed that in general the Whisky Industry targets men? Well, girl do we have news for them! We happen to LOVE a cheeky whisky, just like many other babes out there, and therefore we couldn't resist adding the ultimate whisky glass to our collection. 

What we loved:

- Its pretty AF. The cute diamond-like pattern at the bottom ads interest and the decoration will have you obsessing with it.

- Its heavy. Heavy glasses just make for extra nice drinking. It feels great in your hand and every sip feels firm....flimsy glasses? No thanks 🙅‍♀️

- Its big. Does size matter? Well, we suppose it depends on the babe you're asking. We like our jeans oversized, our t-shirts and you guessed it, our whisky glasses too. Looks good and makes sunshine-sipping that little bit extra.

- Its square. If you're looking for a round glass - you won't find it here on our Whisky glass tick-list. Why? We dunno,..we just like the square shape... 🙋‍♀️🤷‍♀️

- Customise it for your babe with whatever you want for $6.00! Check the drop-down menu options. 

- Pairs well with our Whisky Babe Stones and FAVE whisky brands (though we'll have to admit we do drink almost anything)

  • Starward Distillery - Known for being gender inclusive in a female dominated industry & Melbourne Based (locals represent!!!)
  • Dubliner - Irish Whisky (we love the honeycomb infused release for a sweeter bite to it!)
  • Killara Distillery - Female & aussie owned and operated
  • Launceston Distillery - based in Tassie, a bit more exxy but worth the price!