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Whisky Babe Glass

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Ever noticed that in general the Whisky Industry targets men? Well, girl do we have news for them! We happen to LOVE a cheeky whisky, just like many other babes out there, and therefore we couldn't resist adding the ultimate whisky glass to our collection. 


- Its pretty AF. The cute diamond-like pattern at the bottom ads interest and the decoration will have you obsessing with it.

- Its heavy. Heavy glasses just make for extra nice drinking. It feels great in your hand and every sip feels firm....flimsy glasses? No thanks 🙅‍♀️

- Its big. Does size matter? Well, we suppose it depends on the babe you're asking. We like our jeans oversized, our t-shirts and you guessed it, our whisky glasses too. Looks good and makes sunshine-sipping that little bit extra.

- Its square. If you're looking for a round glass - you won't find it here on our Whisky glass tick-list. Why? We dunno,..we just like the square shape... 🙋‍♀️🤷‍♀️


- Grab whisky glass off whisky glass shelf

- Open bottle of your fave drop

- Pour at leisure

- Sip that golden goodness and kick your feet up!

Top babe tip: Pairs well with our Whisky Babe Stones and FAVE whisky brands (though we'll have to admit we do drink almost anything)

Starward Distillery - Known for being gender inclusive in a female dominated industry & Melbourne Based (locals represent!!!)

Dubliner - Irish Whisky (we love the honeycomb infused release for a sweeter bite to it!)

Killara Distillery - Female & aussie owned and operated

Launceston Distillery - based in Tassie, a bit more exxy but worth the price! 


Capacity: 880ml

Materials: Made from hand-blown lead free crystal glass.

Care instructions: All our glassses are hand-decaled in Melbourne, Australia with love. To care for your brand new, hand-decorated glass, use a warm handwash...and no dishwasher!

Trust us, the care is minimal time out of your day and the longevity of your glass will be worth it. Accidentally chucked it in the dishwasher? Give us a yell and we'll see what we can do to help, babe!