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Whisky Babe Stones (8 Pcs)

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If you're anything like us (and lets face it, you probably are, babe), you probably love a cheeky whisky night cap to end you night right.

Here's the catch, not only do we love a cheeky whisky, but we also love to look cute while we do, well, everything. Enter the Whisky Babe Stones - available in two, super cute colours - you'll be sippin' in style in less time than it takes to say "on the rocks." 


- No more ice melting into your whisky. Read: more concentrated golden goodness!

- Look extra cute while you sip 💁‍♀️

- No need to faff about filling up your ice trays all the time

- Small enough to fit in your freezer

- Reusable - keep using as many times as you like!

- 8 stones per pack - enough for you and your babe to use together... We'll cheers to that! 

- 2 cute colours to choose from - something for every babe!


Step 1. Open up your TBLx package and gasp in amazement at how cute your new stuff is. 

Step 2. Get really excited about about your new whisky stones and pop them straight into the freezer to get them nice and cold.

Step 3. Grab a coffee in your A.M Babe Coffee Glass and kick up your Cosy Babe Faux Slides while you wait.

Step 4. Pick your fave whisky, invite your babe over and pop your whisky stones into your glass before you pour.

Step 5. Voila! Barb's your aunt & you'll never look back to days before you had your fave new babe'n stones. 


- 8 pcs

- These are made from a natural product - which means even if you buy one for you and all your babes, you'll all have slightly different variations which will make them feel like your own personal whisky stones unlike any others!