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Wine Babe Charms - Optional Add Ons to Base

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Wine Charm

So, you've decided you want a Personalised Babe Charm for your fave Weekday Babe Wine Glass or Oversized Friday Babe Wine Glass, or your and you've picked your base its time to add on any extra bits and pieces that show just WHOSE glass that is (and don't you forget it Betty from HR).

If you're reading this and love the charms but have NFI what we're even talking about then click the link to go and view our Base Wine Babe Charm 

What we loved:

- Pick yo' number of charms

- Add as many as ya like! (But more than 5 on one wine glass doesn't sit as prettily)

- Choose from our cute selection...we know babe, its soooooo hard to pick

- Add to cart a matching one for your babe 👯‍♀️😉

- Pour yourself a cheeky bev and toast to you, babe, for a great choice!

- You won't get confused by which drink is yours anymore (at least, not as much).

- The cutest wine glass accessory you'll ever see!!!